Our Technology

  • PLC

    Digital electrical basic
    Programming language and basic instruction
    Installation of software
    Compare /add / subtract/ AND/OR block
    Timer /counter/clock/set/reset/function
    Upload/download/run/error finding
    Communication with SCADA software


    Creating a new SCADA application
    Creating database of tags
    Creating and editing graphics display with animations
    Creating and accessing real tie trend and historical trends
    Creating alarm and event
    Connectivity with the different hardware and software
    Communication protocols
    Communication with PLC
    Communication with Excel
    Communication with acquisition system
    Connectivity between software
    Troubleshooting the application

  • HMI

    Interfacing and networking with PLC
    Creating tag database
    Navigation between screens
    User input and output display
    Function keys
    Uploading and downloading application
    Troubleshooting and maintenance

  • VFD

    Basic of AC motor, operation and limitation
    Motor starters: DOL, Star-Delta, Auto-Transformer
    Motor control circuit, interlocking circuit
    Introduction of AC Drives and its application
    Parameter and program
    Communication with PLC, SCADA software
    Fault finding and trouble shooting
    Soft-starter and their application over conventional starters


    Basic of power and control drawing
    General protection of panel
    Load management
    Electrical protection
    Preparation of power and control circuit
    Wiring guidelines
    Troubleshooting /maintenance


    Creating line diagram
    Command computing
    Electrical designing
    Measuring the task assigning


    Basic principle of E.M. relay
    NO/NC & power contactor
    Power circuit and control circuit
    Use of NO/NC in power and control circuit
    Hold of circuit
    Use of timer
    Introduction of sensor and its type and its application

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