Engineering Courses  Job Oriented Industrial Training

Review Basics of Electrical & Electronics
Wiring Drawings of Control Panels
Electrical Safety
PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers)
SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition)
Fundamentals of Motors, Generators & Starters
Basics of AC Drives & Soft starters
Panel Designing & AutoCAD
Process Instrumentation
HMI (Human Machine Interface)
Industrial Networking/Wireless Technology
Basics of DCS (Distributed Control Systems)
Workplace Asset Management
On site Practical Exposure
Soft Skill & Personality Development
Preparing Service Reports
Preparing Delivery Documentation

Engineering Courses  Job Oriented Embedded Training

Microcontroller Family Covered- AVR, PIC, 8051
Programming language- C, Embedded C & Assembly
Component & IC level electronics
Introduction to VLSI and Verilog
Designing of various sensor modules
Power supply development
Sensor modules interfacing with MCU
Display devices & their interfacing with MCU
Communication- wireless, wired, PC based
IDE’s hands on- Keil4, AVRstudio, microC
Simulators- Proteus, AVR simulator
Working Environment- Linux, windows
Project development-as per your requirement
Soft Skill Development